Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's official! :)

This morning Lisa and I jogged up Mt. rubidoux at 530am and arrived at the top 15 minutes before the sunrise! There we had a little 'FHE' lesson on Christlike qualities you should see in a spouse. After, i suprised her by finding something in her water bottle! At first, to her it was just a piece of plastic that had gotten in the water bottle on accident, but after i handed it to her she finally recognized what was under all the plastic and tape! HER RING!!! I then opened the plastic and asked her to be my Eternal Companion! .... she said YES!!! :)

The happy engaged couple! :)

Together as the sun rises! :)
Me as the sun rises! Lisa as the sun rises!
Muah! After the proposal...
More muah!
Lisa waiting for the sun to rise! :)
The Sunrise! :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The last 3 months...

Sooo the last 3 months since i've last posted alot has gone on! i think im on my 3rd job since then. i went from castle park to the biling and now workign for the school district finally and loving it! Church has been great and General and Stake Conference was amazing! There was a great Elder in our ward who went home and we still have 2 great Elders in our ward! I've been blessed to meet and get to know an amazing young woman who i've been getting to know the past few months also! I also finished the Book of Mormon for the 2nd time in a year! What a blessing! Well i love you all and will try to post more often! Me and my EVERYTHING

Lisa and I @ the Halloween dance

Danny and I @ the BYU, SDSU Football game!

Most of the Elders Quorum pointing at Elder Hall who was leaving!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Well the YSA conference finally came and went! It was well worth it! The planing and time and work that went into it definitely paid off! I remember going to the first fireside about 3 months ago about the whole thing and only like 50 people showed up! i def. didnt see 1,000 people eventually coming to the conference! But there were 1,100!! Such a great conference! If i were to tell every detail it'd take too long so i'll just say it was good and thanks to all who helped in it! heres some pics!...
Me and the homie Mike Olsen

Walteezy and I

Me, Jill, Wendy and Henriquedad!

Good friends! :)

All of the guys before conference started!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Half o Summah!

Well the sumemr is half over and i've just been working, spending time with Bella, Brianna and Melyssa @ the pool, and doing all the church activities! The pic above is from the beach volleyball tournament @ HB last saturday which was a lot of fun! Volleyball, Swimming, BBQ, and Football on the beach against all the somoans and tongans! Oh and a bonfire at night! By far the funnest activity this summer!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pre-Summer Post


Lots of change going on! Which give us opporunities to learn and grow. So lets start off with the job situtation. After gas prices sky-rocketed from 2.35-2.85 in like a week i quit the auto part job instantly. I then was lookin for jobs for about a week and got hired @ DISNEYLAND! haha jk! Castle Park! That means free mini-golf for friends and prolly my family coming with whatever discount i get for the rides etc. ha! So i go in for orientation next week.

With the "Nelson family biggest loser competition" i truthfully havn't been trying much. I don't wanna lose weight so i'm still 152lbs. But ive been rededicating myself to jogging mt rubidoux 3 times a week. had been fallin off to once a week the last couple weeks. also with weight lifting i had been lagging.

On the gospel side of things lukas was blessed last week, a friend who was inactive got the Melch. priesthood, a few non member friends have been recently asking many questions and becoming more interested in the gospel, and Ca is having this HUGE statewide conference aug. 8-9 for YSA which sould be a great experience! I also got a new calling which i am so thankful for. I feel so prepared and ready to help as much as i can in the capacity which i've been called. Scripture reading is going well and i finished all the talks from last conference! its amazing how fast we forget the teachings from the conference until we read them over again! it was amazing!

Love you all! :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Life as a missionary

Something i reremembered about the spirit we have as a missionary.... so yesterday i went to the temple in the morning and had a neat experience. Every temple worker made reference to my brazil pin and talked a lil to me about my mission. Alot of them thought i had recently returned(prolly cuz i shaved my head this week and i look even younger then usual). So as i reflected upon this i remembered the day me and Andrew returned from our missions and we met with Pres. Gifford and he talked to us and had us remove our nametags.... yes... thats all he did...asked us to take our nametags off. He related to us that we are never released from that calling... and most importantly that we can keep that close companionship of the spirit with us even after the mission if we work on it. Of course we all know how hard that is to do! With dating, school, work, church callings etc... seems like we have no time to do the little things, such as daily prayer and scripture study that give us that strong companionship of the Holy Ghost which accompanied us during the mission, and whom we looked to for answers and daily guidance.
Well though it is hard, it is possible! I know as we have daily scripture study and take time to say our daily prayers that the spirit will be with us. Now another thing i've learned is that it is not enough to just have the spirit to be with us. We not only need to have the spirit with us, but we need to be willing to be guided by the spirit in all that we do. Doing those things that bring the spirit only give us rights to his constant companionship. We must then be ready to follow the promptings of the spirit. We sometimes think that since we are doing the right things, that our actions and decisions will be in accordance with what our Heavenly Father would have us to do. But i've seen it even in my own life, where i would do what i wanted to do and i neglected the spirit, thinking that what i wanted to do must have been right because i was doing those things that gave me the right to the spirits companionship.

In summary... i have learned that we must:
1) do the small things necessary to have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost
2) look for and listen to the promptings of the spirit
3) Follow them

Monday, April 27, 2009

Missionary Opportunites

Today i had an opportunity to talk to a co-worker about the redlands temple....
This guy had asked me if i had ever gone to the S.D. temple cuz he lived by it and loved passing by it. He had seen my "LDS Mormon Boy" sticker on my car. So at the temple last week i picked up a few pamphlets, hoping to be able to give one to him. Today was the day. He brought it up again about the Redlands temple this time cuz he lives in Redlands now. I told him where it was and he shared how he heard that it was BEAUTIFUL @ night. We talked for a bit and we both got our next deliveries at the same time so i raced to my car and got one of the Redlands temple pamphlets and shared it with him. He was glad and wanted to know when people could take a tour! haha i explained to him about that and we parted and he clung onto the pamphlet :)

What was interesting was how i retraced in my thoughts how this opp. had come to pass.... An OVERWHELMING spirit came over me for the next 30 min or so. As i retraced the steps i had taken to be prepared to share the gospel and this pamphlet i was filled with the spirit and gratitude to my Heavenly Father. I know he LOVES us and answers our prayers. I know we may be intruments in His hands as we look to do His will more and what we want less. This is our everyday challenge. And on this day i am so happy to be able to assist Him in His work. Moses 1:39.